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National Discount Fundraisers is proud to be a wholly owned Canadian company.

NDF is a proud SickKids Corporate Partner

National Discount Fundraisers is an approved fundraising vendor for the Toronto District School Board

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to plan a Fundraiser, what do I do first?

Fill out the Fundraising request form. We will follow up with a phone call and mail out our latest Fundraising information.

What time of year is best to run a Fundraising campaign?

The #1 Fundraising time of the year is during the fall. September through mid November, with the Thanksgiving holiday being the ideal time to Fundraise. Spring follows: Any time before March break for Easter campaigns followed by Mothers Day in May.

How long should a campaign run?

Most campaigns run for 10 to 14 days. It would be great to start on a Thursday and end the following Monday or Tuesday. This gives your group two week-ends of selling plus one full week.

How long does it take to get our product delivered?

Approximately 2 weeks from the time you place your order with our office. This date can be set tentatively at the beginning of your campaign.

Are there minimum order requirements?

There is usually no minimum order size. Please ask for further details.

How do I let my group know we're running a Fundraising campaign?

For best results, send home a cover letter along with the order forms highlight the dates and reasons for your Fundraiser. Please include a goal for each participant, otherwise people will purchase only one item for themselves and your Fundraiser will not be as successful as you hoped for.

How do I get my group motivated?

The best way is to offer a prize program. Most people tend to participate, knowing that they may win a prize.

How much notice is required before we can receive our starter kit?

Most campaigns are booked well in advance, but short notice campaigns are not a problem. We can ship by courier service.

Will our group receive samples or displays?

Each school or group may be shipped a display of products and awards. Samples: If you require each seller to have a sample product (e.g.: 400 kids selling Fundraising Cards), you would receive 400 cards, however, all samples and displays must be used to fill the main order. All samples and display become the responsibility of the school or group. You will be billed for this.

How does the award prize program work?

The incentive award program is set up according to the total sales. (e.g.. if someone sells $100.00 in product, he or she is eligible for one prize at the $100.00 level. Other programs have a draw prize program based on participation.

Should participants sell door to door?

We discourage door to door fundraising. We ask that all children sell to family and friends or have Mom & Dad take the brochure(s) to work with them. If campaign is being run over Thanksgiving, some people choose to take orders by phone for out of town relatives and only go door to door with a guardian. Or use our new websites listed on each brochure that allows you to order from the site and email your order back to the seller.

How many year of Fundraising expertise does National Discount Fundraisers have behind it?

We are proud to have over 14 years of Fundraising expertise.

Is National Discount Fundraisers a Canadian company?

National Discount Fundraisers is proud to be a wholly owned Canadian company.

What if we don't sell everything we order?

National Discount Fundraisers offers risk free fundraising programs. That means you cannot lose. If you use our order taking programs, your shipped only what your customers have ordered. If there are any left over items for any reason, we take them back. If you choose a sold on sight product and you have any left over the product, it may be returned.

Do you guarantee the quality of your product?

Yes, National Discount Fundraisers stands behind our product 100%. If you or your customers are not 100% satisfied, we can replace the product or refund your money.
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